About AJax the Trainer

With a background in sports, AJaX the Trainer furthered his education in Kinesiology with a Bachelors Degree and Multiple Certifications in Fitness and AJaX's love for his people sparked a greater interest in health. Knowing the death rate of black people, and that they are leading in all categories of Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc. he wanted to make a change. He surrounded his life around this reality to help his people with Health awareness, and nutrition of the proper foods.  "AJaX is like the cleaning solution, he cleans up the body but most importantly the mind." 

In support of the complete fitness journey, AJaX was inspired to create an athletic apparel line with comfortable and most importantly, modest clothing for both men and women to wear while on their fitness journeys. My GodBodiee Athletic Apparel is designed to enhance the mind, cultivate the body, and nourish soul. AJax feels that individuals should be able to focus solely on pushing the mind and body through his personal training sessions and not so much on whether others are focusing on their adornments. With this apparel, AJaX wants his supporters to always be reminded that Greats Overcome Difficulties. "Clothes modestly designed to fit the body that GOD has given you."